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DVD / VCD/ CD Player Trainer



Model: II-EDU-1010

The series of Audio Visual trainers for DVD/ CD player trainer is based upon the popular brand units, which incorporate the latest industry design features. These trainers are specifically created to teach operation, theory, repair and servicing. Special attention is given to fault diagnosis so as to facilitate the teaching of troubleshooting techniques. These trainers are ideal for use as stand alone units or can be combined with our TV trainers to make a complete Audio Visual training system. The DVD/ CD player trainer covers technology on CD, VCD and DVD systems.

The unit is mounted on an attractive chassis, which allows the main printed circuit board to be exposed for ease of work. The trainers allow access to the entire factory recommended key points for the taking of measurements, analysis and adjustments.

The teaching program is designed to follow the service procedures as recommended by the manufacturer and uses the factory service manual in conjunction with student job sheets. Each trainer comes with complete courseware as follows:
Factory service manual with detailed circuit board schematic diagram.
Student job sheets with fault guide and wiring diagram.

A unique fault insertion system is built into the trainer for student instruction purposes. The system features a Schematic Block Diagram silk-screened onto an integral fault board that utilizes test points to indicate the nature and location of the fault. The fault is activated by toggle switches secured in a box. Single or multiple faults may be introduced at any time. Fault may be visualized by use oscilloscope to compare the wave form of the fault and ideal state.

  Technical Specifications:
Fault System: The Trainer includes an electronically selectable fault system mounted on a panel display board featuring the circuit block diagram silk-screened onto it. The faults is activated by the fault switch, any number of faults can be activated at the same time. The faults are 12.
Circuit Board: Solid state system incorporating integrated circuits and microprocessor chips.
Chassis: The unit is mounted on a special chassis, which exposes all key circuit boards and parts for ease of work. Circuit boards are protected by glass panels.
Test Points: Test points are routed to a special PCB which groups the test points together and clearly identifies them to aid in testing and diagnostic work.
Courseware: A) Factory Service Manual.
B) Student Job Sheets with fault guide and wiring diagram.

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