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Electronics \ Electricity Trainer



Model: II-EDU-1012


Our sister company has developed its trainers in conjunction with and based upon the latest electronics technologies of the European and world wide standards, the trainer has been specifically designed by industry to meet the challengers and needs of today's electronics training requirements.

Electronics is at the core of a wide variety of specialized technologies, which have been developing over several decades. Challenged by rapidly expanding technology and the need for increasing numbers of technicians; starting from this point we have developed our electronics and electricity trainer to meet this urgent need of the world wide market.

  General Specifications:
Ideal for electronic circuit experiments and design exercise.
Integrated training system, with complete curriculum.
The main base unit includes the biasing power supply.
Several modules for ease of design and every module combined with others can form new circuits for training.
Main units & experiment modules also available separately for economical construction of class sets.

Our trainer is a comprehensive and self contained system suitable for tuition & experimentation with a range of electronics circuits.

  1.1 Main Unit:

The main unit incorporates the following necessary equipments for the needed biasing process as follows:


Variable dual power supply: (0-30) V/ 0-3A.

:: Fixed dual power supply: +/- 5V, +/- 12V.

AC output voltage: 9-0-9 AC.

:: Output voltages are brought out to 4mm banana sockets and 2mm banana sockets.
:: Function generator output is brought out by building a training circuit that functions as a function generator; output is brought out to 2mm banana sockets.
  1.2 Experiments Modules:

The main unit incorporates the following necessary equipments for the needed biasing process as follows:

1.2.1 Analog Module: - Function Generator (Sine, Triangle, Square) waves outputs.
1.2.2 Basic Inverting Amplifier Module: - Basic inverting Amp.
- Basic non inverting Amp.
- Basic window comparator.
1.2.3 Filters I: - Low pass filters.
- High pass filters.
1.2.4 Filters II:

- Band pass filters.
- Notch filters at 60Hz.

1.2.5 Display Drivers Module:
1.2.6 Digital I: - Binary half adder.
- BCD Decoder.
1.2.7 Digital II: - RS latch experiments.
- Gated RS Latch.
- D flip/ flops.

Technical Note: Our system is upgradeable into more sophisticated experiment modules according to the needs of the customer.

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