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A/C System Treatment Station

Fully automatic electronic station. It carries out R134 coolant recovery and recycling; emptying and leak test; lubricant or additive injection; circuit charge and working pressure test.


Equipped with oil injection valve to add oil into the system (and to inject possible additives).
Automatic functions: computerized management enables the station full control. Values and possible errors are displayed by an LCD through messages in various languages.
The Recovery, oil drain, vacuum and vacuum test functions can be carried out either manually or automatically.
Automatic recovery cycle until complete drain of the A/C system managed by the pressure transducer controlling the system pressure.
An electronic balance enables to weigh up to 10 kg coolant and to interrupt recovery and charge functions in case wrong quantities of coolant have been set.
Anti-acid filter and dehydrators with 136 kg coolant dia range.
Equipped with 80mm pressure and vacuum indicators with " pulse free " device to eliminate ground noise pulses and hence make data reading more accurate.
Equipped with 80 mm pressure and vacuum indicators, with self-adjustment screws and "pulse free" device to eliminate ground noise pulses and hence make data reading more accurate.
Compressor type demanding no maintenance.
Incondensable gases automatic discharge valve.
Serial output for machine reset and control.
A/C systems data bank.



Refrigerant: R134a
Bottle capacity: 10 kg
Max recovery capacity: 0.4 kg/min
Recirculation speed: 0.4 kg/min
Power supply: 230 V 50 Hz
Power draw: circa 900 W
Storage temperature: -10 +60 C
Operating temperature: +5 +40 C


Flow rate: 72 l/min
Vacuum degrees: <0.1 mbar
Oil capacity: 350 cc
Power supply: 230 V 50 Hz
Dimensions: 1350x460x470
Weight: 83 kg


Station carrying out R134 coolant recovery, recycling, emptying, and charge in the circuit; it also carries out leak test, lubricant or additive injection and pressure test.
The charge is completely automatic.
The station is equipped with electronic balance.
The weight of coolant inside the bottle is displayed by a display that gives a series of service messages to guide the operator during his intervention: full bottle message, indication of oil change in the pump, recovered weight, charged weight and other prompts for the user.
It is equipped of distiller-separator to enable the separation of coolant from lubricant.
A dehydrating filter eliminates moisture present in the coolant.


Refrigerant Fluid: R134a
Max absorption capacity: 10 kg
Amount of refrigerant fluid available for recharging: 0.2 kg/min
Recalculation speed: 0.4 kg/min
Power supply: 230 V 50 Hz
Power draw: circa 900 W
Storage temperature: -10 +60 C
Operating temperature: +5 +40 C


Flow rate: 142 l/min
Vacuum degrees: <0.5 mbar
Oil capacity: 384 cc
Power supply: 230 V 50 Hz
Dimensions: 1110x500x600
Weight: 67,5 kg


The Diag A/C is a palmar tool for the electronic diagnosis of the A/C system of cars operating with R134A and R12.
Connection to the car low and high side ports allows measurements and analysis of the operating pressures; these values together with ambient temperature supply the A/C operating condition (ex. too much refrigerant, dirty condenser, etc.)
Three probes to be fitted onto the air outlets allow to check the system global efficiency.
A reading of the system parameters is possible too.
The Diag A/C is equipped with a database indicating type and amount of refrigerant required for the vehicle charge.

The Diag A/C includes:

The Diag A/C diagnosis platform.
Power supplier for battery recharge.
Cord for battery supply.
Three temperature probes.
Two pressure transducers for pressure measurements.
Two adapters for R12 system.
Two quick couplers for R134a system.
Case for the platform transportation.
Power supply 12 Vdc.
Autonomy of operation of approx. 5 hours.
Power supply from the car battery option.
Recharge supplier for electric mains of 230 V ac with 12 Vdc 300 mA outlet.
Temperature probes with a resolution of 0,5 C.
0-30 bar pressure sensors.

Ultrasound Lead Detector ANALY-0110

Ultrasound leak detector equipped with headphones, harness and flexible probe.
It can detect:

air and refrigerant leaks from pressurized circuits.
valves and bearing unusual noise;
electrical disturbances;
leak through the windscreen and sun roof by the optional sound generator.


Electronic Lead Detector ANALY-0120

Electronic leak detector with discharge technology with a corona effect, to be used for R12, R134A and many other systems.
It works creating a high voltage corona effect between the sensor internal side and its external casing: when refrigerant stops the electrical field and the alarm is triggered.


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