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Automotive  & Industrial Chemicals  


Brake Fluid.

CHEMI-0010 Brake Fluid.
CHEMI-0020 Brake Fluid.

Sealants & Adhesives.
100% RTV Silicon Sealant (Tubes).
CHEMI-0030  Clear.
CHEMI-0040 White.
CHEMI-0050  100% RTV Silicon Sealant (Cartridges).
CHEMI-0060   Acrylic Latex Pintable Sealant with Silicon.

3 oz. High Temperature
100% RTV Silicon Gasket Makers.

        CHEMI-0070  Red.
CHEMI-0080 Blue.
CHEMI-0090 Black.

CHEMI-0100  Super Glue Calendar.
CHEMI-0110  Super Glue Calendar.


 CHEMI-0120  Gasket Shellac.
CHEMI-0130  Seals and repairs gaskets made of paper, felt, cardboard, metal and rubber for use on flanged surfaces, gaskets and threaded assemblies. Resists gasoline, motor oil, anti-freeze, diesel oil, water and steam and does not contain any toxic solvents.


Penetrating Oil Spray. 

CHEMI-0140  Penetrating Oil Spray loosens rusted and frozen parts. lubricates and protects metal parts, and prevents rust & corrosion. It also reduces squeaks from moving parts & starts wet engines

Paints, Fillers & Thinners.

CHEMI-0150  Acrylic Lacquer Thinner.
CHEMI-0160  Fast Drying Spray Paint.
CHEMI-0170  Super Chrome Spray Paint.
CHEMI-0180  Super Gold Spray Paint.
CHEMI-0190  Auto Body Filler.
CHEMI-0200  Fluorescent Spray Paint.
CHEMI-0210  Paint Remover.

Winter Products. 

CHEMI-0220  Starting Fluid Spray.
CHEMI-0230  Coolant Antifreeze Concentrate 100% Packing 1 Liter 20 Liter 200 Liter Drums.

Oil Treatment Products. 

CHEMI-0240  Oil Treatment.
Reduces Engine Noise,
Prevents Excessive Oil Use, Improves Oil Viscosity, 12 Fl. Oz. (354 Ml).

Engine, Carburetor Cleaner & Solvents. 

CHEMI-0250  Carburetor & Choke Cleaner Spray.
CHEMI-0260  Engine Cleaner & Degreaser Spray.
CHEMI-0270  Heavy Duty Motor Flush.
CHEMI-0280  Engine Oil Stop Leak.

Fuel Treatment & Additives.
CHEMI-0290  Super Quality Carburetor Cleaner.
CHEMI-0300  Fuel Injector Cleaner.
CHEMI-0310  Super Quality Gas Treatment.
CHEMI-0320  Quality Octane Boost.

Cooling System Products.

CHEMI-0330  Radiator Anti Rust.
CHEMI-0340  Radiator 10 Minute Flush.
CHEMI-0350  Radiator Stop Leak Liquid.
CHEMI-0360  Radiator Stop Leak Powder.



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