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Brake and Suspension


Kit roller brake testing stand  ANALY-0130


4 WD
Nominal roller peripheral speed: 5,5 Km/h
Radiomotor power: 4 KW 5.5 HP
Radiomotors supply: 3P+N+T 380 - 400 VAC 50Hz
Vacuum absorbed current: 18 A @ 380
Current absorbed during the braking test: 22 A @ 380
Motors protection degree: IP 55
Maximum testing weight for axis: 2500 Kg
Transfer maximum weight: 4000 Kg
Roller diameter: 200 mm
Roller length: 700 mm
Minimum roadway: 800 mm
Maximum roadway: 2200 mm
Material covering the rollers: dual-component
synthetic material containing corundum
Adhesive force value (also with rollers wet): >= 0.6
Weight of the rollers stand: 390 Kg
Dimensions: 2438x711x256 mm
Running temperature: 0 +40 C



The balance is equipped with two weighing plates having two flexible extensometer cells: F.S. 10000 N
Supply: 12 V
Resolution: 10 N
Resolution: 2% F.S.
Temperature range: 0 C +40 C

Suspension testing stand ANALY-0150


Static weight: Full scale for wheel 10000 N;
Allowable load per axle 20000 N
Minimum adhesive force: Eusama 100%;
Resolution 1%
Tyre stiffness: 1000 N/mm; Resolution
10 N/mm
The stand is equipped with 2 test plates;
each plate has 4 weighting sensors:
Resolution: 1 N
Resolution: 2% F.S.
Running temperature: 040 C
The system is controlled to give alignment of the
vehicle wheel upon the testing plate.
Each testing plute is controlled by an electric motor:
Suppling: 3P/PE~
Voltage: 380/400 V
Frequency: 50 Hz
Max power per motor: 1.5 KW
Maximum testing frequency: 25 Hz
Minimum testing frequency: 3 Hz
Dimensions: 2440x520x220 mm
Weight: 440 Kg

Tracking test ANALY-0160

Height: 50 mm
Length: 840 mm
Width: 650 mm
Weight: 58 Kg
Maximum stroke: 20 mm
Maximum load: 1000 Kg per axle
Scale of measure: 16 m/km
Resolution: 5%



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