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Engine Diagnosis & Autodiagnosis




               ECU READER



ANALY-0080 centers (mod 4000 and mod 4012 free) are comprised of a PC compatible platform designed to manage various peripheral control units and to carry out all diagnostic procedures:
management of software for autodiagnosis and engine diagnosis
software for ANALY-006
combined management of exhaust gas analysis for gasoline engines and of smoke analysis for diesel engines
management of lines for technical testing and overhaul
ANALY-0080 centers perform also service functions such as:
creation of a customer's data file
data base to compare measured values
print of performed tests


Pentium 233 MHz PC compatible
32 MB Ram
3,2 GB Hard disk
1 F.D.D. 3,5 - 1.4 MB
CD Rom drive
6 RS 232 serial ports 
Parallel printer connection
15 (or 17 optional) height resolution color video
Deskjet printer
Multipurpose infrared remote control
Power supply 100/240 VAC selectable 50/60 Hz.



Ignition Mode
Display of:
DIS and conventional ignitions primary
Battery ignition secondary
DIS secondary with compression spark and exhaust signal
PARADE mode, Raster and overlapped sparks (individual)
Primary and secondary simultaneously in battery ignitions
RPM measure: 400 to 10.000 rpm
Primary voltage: up to 700 V
Secondary voltage: - 6 KW to KV
Wave forms dynamic saving function; previous display recall function; print, measures with cursors.

Lab ANALY-006 Mode
Simultaneous display of 4 channels
Voltage scales: 62 mV/div to 100 V/div
Times base: 20 S/div to 1 S/div
Passband: 200 Khz 3 dB
Wave forms dynamic saving function; previous display recall function; print, measures with cursors
Graphic trigger

In case of Visa palmar the ANALY-006 function is comprised of two modules:
module 3121 - Ignition module, that besides an ignition and injection tester is also a 1 channel ANALY-006/multimeter;
module 3125 - Scope module, a 4 channel ANALY-006 and also multimeter

ECU reader  identify the autodiagnosis Tecnotest programs. The first program is devoted to the Visa Palmar portable unit; the second one is devoted to the Visa family.

ECU reader, Autodiagnosis tester
ECU reader allowing the communication with modern vehicles electronic central units, by verifying the functioning of the devices managed by the central unit: for instance the engine management instruments, ABS, air-bag, intelligent suspensions, etc.

By ECU reader it is possible to decode the messages of the central units equipped with pulse diagnosis or rapid serial communication, by carrying out all the operations enabled by the operator, such as:
reading of anomalies currently memorized or localized in the system;
cancellation of anomalies after the reset of the device correct functioning;
reading of the engineering parameters in the rapid communication system and where allowed by the Manufacturer: rev./engine, temperature, injection time, Lambda probe range, lead, vehicle speed and all central unit inlet and outlet information.

It is also possible to work on the systems in different ways:
by simulating the behavior of the actuator components such as, coil or module ignition, injectors, idle actuator, Canister valve, revolution counter, fuel pump, etc.
by carrying out necessary adjustments, such as the idle speed, the CO, the lead, the octane number.

CO - CO - HC - O
- NOx, λ lambda, Temp C, RPM

is an infrared exhaust gas analyzer for gasoline engines.
Tests conducted with 488 allow operators ti measure the carbon monoxide (CO), carbondioxide (CO), unburnt hydrocarbons (HC) and oxygen (O) values according to which the LAMBDA coefficient is automatically calculated. This is essential as a reference in order to correctly tune the engine. Moreover, for the countries which apply to obtain it, the calculation of the correct CO is also available. The operator's work is facilitated since the rpm and oil temperature values can be kept under control at the same time. Kit is also available as an optional in order to measure nitrogen oxides (NOX).
ANALY-0070 is used by Car Manufacturers and has been approved according to the standards in force in numerous European countries:
Italy (DM 628 del 23/10/96 - Classe 1), Germany (AU), United Kingdom (OIML 1 and OIML 1996), France (Classe 1 DRIRE), Austria (KDV 32), Switzerland, Belgium, Slovakia, Czech Republic, Portugal and in various Asian nations.



Induction rpm counter: 0 9990 rpm/min (res. 10)
Thermometer: 5 200 C (res. 1)
Operating temperature: 5 40 C
Automatic pressure compensation: 820 mB 1130 mB
Measuring gas flow: 8 l/min. (about)
Flow control inside and automatic
Tightness test automatic
Condensate discharge continuous and automatic
Response time: <10 sec. (probe length 3 mt.)
Heating time: max 15 min.
Mains power supply: 110/220/240 V ( 15%)
Mains frequency 50/60 Hz ( 3%)
Zero setting: electronic and automatic
Calibration: electronic and automatic
Serial output: RS232
Clock: printed date and time
Printer: 24 column
Storage temperature: min -20;max + 60 C
Dimensions: 400x180x420 mm
Weight: 13,5 kg

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