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Wheel Alignment WSERV-0100


General description

The EXACT 36 is a computerised string-type wheel aligner for cars and trucks, offering ultimate performance at a particularly attractive price.
Available in 4S version (with four sensors) and in 2S version (with front sensors only), in both car and truck/bus configurations.
The EXACT 36 displays all the data of an axle simultaneously for total control during the adjustment phase, features a databank including the different chassis heights and compares the data necessary for adjustment with the databank values. The final printout can be customised and includes the values measured before and after adjustment.
The alignment procedure is guided and sensor levelling is electronically controlled.
The rational cabinet provides an optimum layout of the monitor, keyboard and printer. The sensors can easily be placed on the sides, while the connecting cables can be stowed in the closed inside compartment.


Technical data

Measurement range:
front camber (front and rear in 4S version)
king pin
front set back (front and rear in 4S version)
thrust angle
steering angle

Power supply:
central unit
central unit power consumption

230 Vac (50-60 Hz) 1p
0.4 kW

Dimensioni (larghezza x profonditΰ x altezza):
central unit
700x700x1500 mm
800 x 135 x 210 mm
central unit

59 kg
30 kg

Main Characteristics

›› Angle reading with potentiometers and elastic strings.
›› Trolley-mounted reading and calculation unit.
›› 0.05 degree data display
›› Customizable database with over 4,000 cars.
›› Bus, truck and trailer databank with over 1,000 models available on request.
›› Databank with chassis heights.
›› 14" SVGA Colour monitor.
›› The measuring and control electronics is based on microprocessor boards specially designed for an aligner.
›› A4 printer.
›› Professional alphanumeric keyboard.
›› Exceptional freedom of operation: the user can move from one adjustment to another at will.
›› Three different compensations: ROC, ROC 0, ROC 4WD.
›› Repetition of compensation on just one wheel (ROC x 1).
›› Steering angles measured automatically and directly by the sensors, no need for electronic turntables.
›› Steering angle measurement even for 4WS cars.
›› Data displayed in degrees, grades, millimeters and inches.
›› Graphic comparison between data read and databank values.
›› 10" and 19" wheel clamps with built-in spoiler adapter.
›› Remote control for working from a distance.

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