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Gas and Smoke Analysis

Coordinated Use of Gas & Smoke Analyzer:




CO - CO - HC - O
- NOx, λ lambda, Temp C, RPM

ANALY-0170 is an infrared exhaust gas analyzer for gasoline engines.
Tests conducted with 488 allow operators to measure the carbon monoxide (CO), carbondioxide (CO), unburnt hydrocarbons (HC) and oxygen (O) values according to which the Lambda coefficient is automatically calculated. This is essential as a reference in order to correctly tune the engine. Moreover, for the countries which apply to obtain it, the calculation of the correct CO is also available. The operator's work is facilitated since the rpm and oil temperature values can be kept under control at the same time. Kit is also available as an optional in order to measure nitrogen oxides (NOx).
ANALY-0170 is used by Car Manufacturers and has been approved according to the standards in force in numerous European countries:
Italy (DM 628 del 23/10/96 - Classe 1), Germany (AU), United Kingdom (OIML 1 and OIML 1996), France (Classe 1 DRIRE), Austria (KDV 32), Belgium, Slovakia, Czech Republic, Portugal and in various Asian nations.



Induction rpm counter:

0 9990 rpm/min (res. 10)


5 200 C (res. 1)

Operating temperature: 5 40 C
Automatic pressure compensation: 820 mB 1130 mB
Measuring gas flow: 8 l/min. (about)
Flow control inside and automatic
Tightness test automatic
Condensate discharge continuous and automatic
Response time: <10 sec. (probe length 3 mt.)
Heating time: max 15 min.
Mains power supply: 110/220/240 V ( 15%)
Mains frequency 50/60 Hz ( 3%)
Oil capacity: 350 cc
Zero setting: electronic and automatic
Calibration electronic and automatic
Serial output: RS232
Clock: printed date and time
Printer:  24 column
LCD:  2x16 column
Storage temperature: min -20;max + 60 C
Dimensions: 400x180x420 mm
Weight: 13,5 kg



    Measuring range:

      CO 0 99,9% Vol. (res. 0,01)
      CO 0 19,9% Vol. (res. 0,1)
      HC 0 9999 ppm Vol. (res. 1)
      O 0 4% Vol. (res. 0,01)
      O 4 25,0% Vol. (res. 0,1)
      NOx 0 2000 ppm Vol. (res. 5) (optional)
      Lambda 0,5 2,000 (res. 0,001)

FLEX with Smoke metering chamber ANALY-0180

Smoke metering chamber ANALY-0180 analyses the degree of opacity in diesel engine exhaust gas. Base on the absorption of a light beam by the smoke, the utilized technology guarantees both reliability and accuracy when it come to results. The instruments is present for serial connection to the multi-operative centers of the Visa Family and Computer Unit series.



Induction rpm counter: 0 9990 rpm/min (res. 10)
Thermometer: 5 150 C (res. 1)
Operating temperature: 5 40 C ( 2)

Heat Chamber

Light Source: high efficiency led diode
 Exhaust gas temperature measurement
Measuring chamber temperature check

Condensate discharge continuous and automatic

 Pressure variation check in measuring chamber: 7 mbar
Autozero: automatic
Warm-up time: 5 min. max
Sample filter calibration:  automatic
Power supply: 12 - 0 - 12 V

 Preventive slide anti-dirtying system

Chamber fan block check: automatic
Dirty slide - Status inspection: automatic
Serial output: RS 232
Storage temperature: min. -20 C max. + 60 C
Dimensions: 465x160x190 mm.
Weight: about 10 Kg

Measuring range:
       Opacity 0 100%  (res. 0,1)
       Opacity 0 0,10% m-1. (res. 0,01)

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