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Air Operated Oil  Piston Pumps


Compression Ratio 3:1 3:1 3:1
Air Inlet Connection 1/4 1/4 1/4
Oil Outlet Connection 1/2 1/2 1/2
Working Pressure 5-6 bar 5-6 bar 5-6 bar
Max. Pressure 7 bar 7 bar 7 bar
Air Consumption 230 L/min 230 L/min 230 L/min
Relative Capacity (free delivery at 14 L/min 14 L/min 14 L/min
6 bar) -10~50C -10~50C -10~50C
Temperature oil delivered 130 SAE 130 SAE 130 SAE
Scope of extracting oil / 50-60 kg 180-200 kg
Suitable for drums 3.8 kg 5.1 kg 5.7 kg
Weight 270 mm 730 mm 940 mm
Length suction tube wall-mounted 42 mm 42 mm

  Zinc Plated Steel Oil/Antifreeze Hand Operated Pump

Suitable for Drums 180/220kg
Delivery Hose Length 2 m
Probe Tube Length 0.94 m
Quantity Delivered for complete cycle of the 200 g
Lever SAE 240

  Digital Fluid-Dispenser


Double Valve Oil Meter
                                   Complete With:                                              Electronic oil meter                                          1/2" joint                                                      outlet hose with metal bent spout                     equipped with anti-drip plug.                             Optimum use in connection with pumps 3:1 and 5:1 We advise to not connect it with transfer pumps


  Hand and Air-Operated Oil Dispenser Pump



With handle an accessories

(kg. 16)

  Installations for Oil Pumping


Oil dispensing kit with wall                                mounted pump suitable for drums of 180-200 kg   Complete with:                                             double acting wall mounted pump wall bracket to fix the pump 1" flexible suction hose                   suction tube                                                   bung adaptor                                                  adaptor                                                        pump-hose reel connecting hose 3/8" - 1.5 meters Hose reel with 10 m. 3/8" hose double valve oil gun with meter complete with 3/8" straight swivel  wall mounted modular drip tray


  Mobile Oil Pumping System With Hose-Reel


Heavy duty mobile oil kit suitable for drums of 180-220kg.                                                       Complete with :                                             heavy duty trolley designed to accept a fixed hose reel.                                                            hose reel with 10 meters 3/8" hose.                 double acting pump bung adaptor                       double valve oil gun with meter complete with 3/8" straignt swivel                                              pump-hose reel connecting hose 3/8"-1.5 meters.

  Air Operated Oil Pumping System


Capacity: 200L

Air Inlet Pressure:

3-8 Kg/cm
Pressure Ratio:   16:1
Fluid Output Press:   48-128 Kg/cm

Deliver Rate:

0.6 gal/min
Hose Length: 20 ft
N.W.: 17.5 Kgs
G.W.: 18.0 Kgs
CUFT: 1.2'


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