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Four-Column Electro-Hydraulic Lifts.

  ALIFT-( 0107-4P / 0109-4P / 0110-4P)


The new generation lift of ALIFT- 0107-4P / 0109-4P / 0110-4P is the most advanced the four-post bridge lift by hydraulic, The design is updated and beautiful, hydraulic driving, mechanical control security lock. The ordinary lift is suitable for vehicle mending. With side, turntable and guide rail, could provide precise four-wheel alignment, it is a necessary equipment for auto maintenance factories.

Model ALIFT-0107-4P ALIFT-0109-4P ALIFT-0110-4P
Lift height 1800mm 1962mm 1962mm
Whole-lenght 5337mm 5337mm 6240mm
Width Between Pillars 2567mm 3126mm 3322mm
Pillar Height 2074mm 2220mm 2220mm
Race Course Width 508mm 508mm 508mm
Race Course Height 100mm 127mm 127mm
Race Course Spacing 1000mm 1000mm 1092mm
Mount Width 2350mm 2870mm 2782mm
Mount Length 4730mm 4730mm 5427mm
Lift Capacity 3.5Ton 4Ton 6Ton
Rise Time 50s 50s 50s

Four-pillar Hydraulic lift

    L-8/12/16/20 Ton


The newest generation lift of L- 8 / 12 / 16 / 20 is the most advanced heavy four post lift in the world with mechanical control security lock. it can offer the safest and smoothest method of lifting both common truck and engineering truck..



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