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Hand  Portable Units for ECU and OBD

Suitable for American European and Asian Motors:
Zero light setting.
Air bag.
Automatic Gear.
Cruise Control.
Can body.
ANALY-0240 Performance:

Auto diagnosis decoding.
On line components position & ECU'S connector.
On line  ECU'S position & serial connector.
Electrical schemes (Through PC).
Technical information about components.
Interfaceable to PC (SW Windows).
Interactive function multimeter/Oscilloscope.
Help on line.
Display - VGA.
Iconised graphic.
With Multimeter and Oscilloscope.

ANALY-0240 Number one in Automotive
The first and the only equipment specific for diagnosis and auto diagnosis that use Windows-PC automotive technology.

The innovating contents and the extremely simplicity of use, gives to ANALY-0240 a exalting performance's profile. The equipment coming from the big experience with F.A.S. T. Box Windows (auto diagnosis for PC) from which inherit the specific features of intuitively, reliability, rapidity and facility on up dating, longevity, which only a system based on most famous PC's operating system (Window) can assure.


ANALY-0250 can be connected to PC running with Windows software, giving the possibility to use a complete integrated software, with electrical schemes and color monitor.

 The high performance external ATA flash 32MB card enables the storage of big volume of data and information. The choice of commercial standard memory card, is a guarantee for the future to have enough memory capability, avoiding unpleasant and expensive replacement of equipment, for technical limits.

The multi function keyboard (F) make easy the using of ANALY-0240 through intuitive connection with function keys (FI, F2 etc..) and icons available on screen.

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