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Headlight testers, timing Light Injector Cleaners



ANALY-0190 0 9990 0 99.9 0 99.9    
ANALY-0200 0 9990 0 99,9   0 60 0 60

The electronic headlight Easylight centering units in the 432 series belong to the latest generation of instruments able tomonitor and regulate vehicle headlights.

Ultrasonic Injector Cleaner ANALY-0210

Injector cleaner ANALY-0210 is a compact and versatile instrument which, by means of the safe and tested ultrasound technique, can quickly and reliably clean gasoline engine injectors while accomplishing dynamic checks on their retention and capacity. The instrument carries out digital measurements of the retention pressure of the hydraulic circuit and has a pump to circulate the cleaning fluid, a timing for the flushing phase. This is carried out in a steel reservoir built into the instrument itself.


Dimensions 400x340x550 mm
Weight 17,5 kg
Mains power supply 220 V +10%/ -15%
Mains frequency 50 Hz 3%
Digital manometer 0 6 bar
Liquid pressure regulator 0 4 bar
Timing light
Timer of injectors cleaning 15 min
Injectors working voltage 3 V e 12 V
Ultrasonic frequency 35 KHz


Cleaning liquid 3 lt.
Burettes for delivery measurement N. 4
Dummy nozzle holder ramp N. 1
Strobe gun N. 1


Rampa "A" 4 injectors Bosch: full immersion
Rampa "B" 4 injectors Micra full immersion
Rampa "C" monoinjector Bosch
Rampa "D" monoinjector Solex
Rampa "E" 4 injectors Ford
Rampa "F" monoinjector Ford
Rampa "G" monoinjector Bosch 2nd version
Rampa "H" injectors Nissan

They guarantee the utmost accuracy when adjusting light issued by driving beams, traffic beams, and fog lights thanks to electronic control of the operations dealt with by a microprocessor;
the instruments are equipped with a retracting rod installed at the center of the lens. This means that the equipment can be easily centered and aligned with the lights of the vehicle;
the operator is guided through the adjustment operations;
the digital luxmeter can measure the light intensity of the lamps with absolute accuracy;
the instruments are easy to use and read: a display guides the operator through each adjustment phase until the final OK is received.

Both models are preset for serial connection with Visa family.




Vertical adjustment of the chamber with center of height selected between 265 and 1400 mm;
Adjustment of horizontal light beam deviation with an accuracy of 5 cm a distance of 10 m;
Adjustment of vertical light beam deviation with an accuracy of 2 cm a distance of 10 m;
Light intensity measurement with 150.000 lux full scale,  5% accuracy and resolution below 5000 lux;
Preset for serial connection with the central computer;
Internally powered with a 9 V transistor battery, external power 12 V;
dimensions (mm):
    600 x 1620 x 540 (ANALY-0220)
Weight: kg 19 (ANALY-0220)

We are centering devices give a rapid and accurate adjustment to all kinds of headlights.
The characteristics of their features, such as the optical sighting (which gives only one collimation) and the pre-arrangement of the check-out screen according to the height of the headlight from ground, give an accurate and indisputable adjustment also to the new halogene headlights for which excessive tolerances are not allowed.


Optical sighting device: x
Vertical shifting for the check-out screen: x
Adjustment in horizontal position x
Double-scale Luxmetre: x
Vertical shifting device with self-blocking clamp: x
Metric bar: x


Height (mm): 1620
Length (mm): 600
Width (mm): 570
Weight (kg): 19



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