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 Depressurized Air Operated Waste Oil Extractors



The pump speed of oil : 0.6-1.6L/min              The height of connect oil : 1.65 m                  The pot body : 70L                                      Tray : 10L                                                  Oil drain pressure :1 bar

Pneumatic Waste Oil Extractors.


Pump the speed of oil : 0.6-1.6L/min                Oil drain pressure : 1 bar                               Pot body : 70L                                             Automobile dawdle : 200L/min                           amount cup : 10L

Waste Oil-Drainers / Extractors



Pneumatically pump the speed of oil:0.6-1.6L/min Connects the height of oil : 1.65m                   Pot body: 70L                                              Try : 10L

Waste Oil Drainer / Extractors



Release oil speed : 0.6-1.6L/min                          Oil drain pressure : 1 bar                                  Pot body : 24L                                     Automobile dawdle : 200L/min                      

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